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Ready-to-decorate naked mud cakes

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Ready to decorate, delectable mud cakes

We know how an epic #bakefail can ruin the whole fun of making a gorgeous cake. We also know the time-saving ‘supermarket hack’ cake still tastes like… meh… supermarket cake.

So, we make soft, moist, delicious naked mud cakes that are ready for you to work your magic on.

Get straight to the fun and creative part, saving time, stress and mess.

Baked just for you, with love 💙
100% joy and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Happy decorating!

Bake less, live more!

Take the time and stress out of wow-worthy cakes

Let's get caking!
Ours are the only cakes guaranteed to be delicious and moist for 28 days, no levelling required and delivered safely anywhere in Australia!

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Bake Me Up Ready To Decorate Mud Cake - Caramel Mud Cake - Fondant Birthday Cake Inspiration

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