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Frequently asked questions about Bake Me Up

To stay fresh for 28 days thawed your cakes must be full of preservatives!?

Why are your white chocolate and caramel cake prices so low?

Do you offer gluten-free options?

Are your products suitable for those with specific allergies?

I need a cake Today! Can you help me?

You charge GST, others don't, why?

Can I get a bulk discount?

Where are your cakes baked?

Are you involved in the commmunity?

Do you make square or rectangle cakes too?

Can I freeze your cakes?

Receiving your cakes

Do I store my cake in the box it came in?

Can I recycle the foam insert?

Community involvement

Cake Angels

What is Cake angels and how do we contribute?

Be Her Freedom

What is Be Her Freedom and how do we contribute?

Cake Camp

What is Cake Camp and how do we contribute?