Who are we?


Paul Wanis, Founder

"I'm proud of my range of mud cakes, If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, call me and I will do my very best to fix it. If I can't, you'll get your money back, no questions asked! I'm used to disrupting whichever market I'm in and Bake Me Up will be no different!" 

Charlie Jean, Manager

"In my opinion there are few art forms more courageous and selfless than cake art. I also believe it really is what's on the inside that counts and Bake Me Up cakes are well on their way to becoming the gold standard for mudcakes in Australia.  It's a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of growing such a tender-hearted and passionate brand  that goes above and beyond for it's customers "  

Bake Me Up is an innovative and passionate start up business drawing on years of industry experience, proprietary baking methods and the highest quality ingredients to produce high-end, rich, genuinely ready-to-decorate mud cakes designed to make life easier for Australian cake decorators.    

Our founder, Paul Wanis, has been in the industry for 15 years, during which time he has worked with major commercial cake manufacturers and boutique bakeries. After successfully launching Renshaw Extra Icing to Australia and New Zealand in September of 2018, (causing a market stir in the process!) Renshaw pulled out of the Australian market and Paul was made redundant. He immediately started developing what would eventually become Bake Me Up.

He worked on bespoke packaging that would guarantee a mud cake could be posted around Australia safely, and formulated recipes that were delicious, consistent and best of all, would allow the cake to be long-lasting without the excessive use of preservatives. Paul discovered a process that guarantees a decadent, ready-to-decorate cake that remains moist for 28 days, requires minimal levelling and that will arrive safely to the customer no matter where they live, all at a reasonable price.

Shortly after Bake Me Up's launch Paul was offered an executive role with Genius Gluten Free, a UK based company producing high quality gluten free baked goods who had recently broken into the Australian market (Look out for the blue genius packaging in Coles and IGA supermarkets). 

Paul accepted the position with Genius and offered his partner Charlie the job of managing and growing Bake Me Up in his stead.  She quit her retail job and threw herself into the world of cake decorating and small business.

Bake Me Up is not yet a year old and already wholesales to 12 stores across Australia as well as selling directly to the public. It is hoping to add a new flavour to its catalogue in 2020 and a gluten free option in 2021.

Order online today or purchase our delicious mudcakes in-store from our retail partners.  Find a store.