Decadence, Determination, and Delicious Cakes

Holy moly! You won't believe it! We're still floating on cloud nine after taking home the coveted Best Product of the Year award at the Cake Oscars in Brisbane. Our team is hyped up and feeling as sweet as a slice of cake! But let's save the victory dance for our next blog post, shall we? 

Last year was quite the ride, let me tell you! Just when Australia was getting back on its feet after the pandemic, we hit a bump in the road. We had a problem with our cake supplier, and as a small business, we knew we couldn't compromise on quality. So we rolled up our sleeves and searched high and low for a bakery that could make our cakes just as decadently and deliciously as before. It was tough, but we didn't give up!

But you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemon cake! We realised that having our own bakery was the solution we were looking for. It was scary to take such a big step, but we were determined to maintain our high standards of baking and bring our customers the very best. We are glad we did! We ended 2022 on a high note with the grand opening of our brand-new bakery!

Bake me Up factory

Our mud cakes are now made to perfection, and we even expanded our range to include new products like the Gluten-Free Choc Mud Cake and our frozen cupcakes. We've got all our cake supplies stocked up and ready to go, both online and in-store at our stockists.

Bake Me Up stockist freezers static clings

We couldn't have done it without our amazing customers! Your support and patience kept us going through the tough times. And let's not forget to give a shoutout to for our awesome custom stickers for our freezers and front windows. They're of high quality, just like our cakes!

So, here's to a sweet journey of decadence, determination, and delicious cakes! We can't wait to see what the future holds for Bake Me Up, and we promise to keep you all in the loop.