How Many People Will Your Cake Serve?

Planning an event can be both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing the right cake size for your guests. But don't worry, we've got you covered! At Bake Me Up, we offer seven different sizes of ready-to-decorate mud cakes to fit any occasion.

When deciding on the size of your cake, it's important to consider the number of guests and their appetite. A good rule of thumb is to assume that each person will take at least one slice of cake. If you have a lot of children attending or people who tend not to eat much, it's always a good idea to add a few extra servings per guest.

It's also essential to consider the purpose of your cake. If you're serving it as a dessert, you'll want to ensure your portions are bigger than the traditional 2-inch by 1-inch piece of cake. On the other hand, if the cake-cutting ceremony is more symbolic, you may opt for smaller servings.

Cutting a multi-tiered cake can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Before your event, take the time to plan how you want the cake to be cut to avoid confusion and waste.

At Bake Me Up, our cake sizes refer to the diameter of the tin they are baked in, and some slight shrinkage is expected during cooling. To determine the perfect cake size for your occasion, refer to our serving guide below, based on industry-standard sizes:

  • Coffee/Finger portions are 1 x 2 inches x height of the cake.
  • Dessert/Generous portions are 2 by 2 inches x height of the cake.