How to Make Marshmallow Fondant From Scratch

Are you ready to up your baking game? Then listen up, because we've got a viral recipe that's taking Tiktok by storm! The fabulous @bakemydaymimo has shared her easy-peasy marshmallow fondant recipe, and it's already got over 2.5 million views. And the best part? You only need THREE ingredients: mini marshmallows, water, and icing sugar. Yes, you read that right - this no-fail fondant is achievable and oh-so-satisfying to make from scratch. Trust us, you'll be feeling like a pro pastry chef in no time!


@bakemydaymimo For those who don’t know:) I’ve posted it several times but since I have so many lovely new followers, here you go:) #howtomakefondant #fondant #messy ♬ original sound - Mimo


Not only is her marshmallow fondant recipe a hit on Tiktok, but it also stores well in the freezer for months. And the best part? This fondant is versatile enough to work with any gel food colouring you choose.



1 kg mini marshmallows

⅓ cup water

2 kg icing sugar


So go ahead, get creative with your designs and colours, and rest easy knowing your fondant will be ready whenever inspiration strikes. 

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