Lovin’ the Summer Heat: How to Enjoy your Cake When the Weather is Hot

When the temperature rises, it's easy to forget about your favourite desserts, but don't let the heat stop you from enjoying a slice of cake! There are countless ways to satisfy your sweet tooth on a warm, sunny day.

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in desserts that feature fresh seasonal fruits, such as juicy strawberries, ripe peaches, sweet blueberries, and tangy plums. However, if you're not a fan of fruity and citrusy flavours, fear not! There are plenty of options for you, like peanut butter, mocha, and chocolate cakes.

To beat the heat and still enjoy your dessert, why not try some easy summer cake ideas? From ice cream cakes to quick no-bake options, you can whip up a hassle-free treat for last-minute parties or picnics that both adults and kids will love.


1. Serve it cold: Chill your cake in the refrigerator or freezer before serving, especially if it's a buttercream or whipped cream-frosted cake .

cold cake


2. Enjoy it outside: Have a picnic or a backyard BBQ and serve the cake as a dessert.

picnic cake


3. Make it light: Opt for a fruit-based cake or a sponge cake, which is lighter and less heavy than traditional butter cakes.


4. Use seasonal fruits: Top your cake with fresh summer fruits like berries, peaches, or apricots for added flavor and color.


5. Make it a treat: Enjoy a slice of cake as a special treat on a hot summer day, paired with a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade.


6. Make it into popsicles: Blend cake with icing and freeze in popsicle molds for a fun summer treat.



So, the next time you're looking for a refreshing dessert on a hot day, don't forget about cake! With endless flavour combinations, there's always a perfect cake for any occasion, no matter the weather.