Christmas Reindeer Cake Tutorial

Christmas is here already. Can you believe it?!

We want you to wow your family this Christmas when you rock up to family lunch with this adorable reindeer cake. 

The best part? You don't even need to bake the cake yourself. 

We've recruited cake decorator extraordinaire Allison Turner from @alwayssaveroomforcake to create a tutorial for this adorable reindeer cake using our white-choc 10" ready-to-decorate mud cake



Just click below to watch the tutorial 


 Keep reading for all the tools & tricks you need to know

 What you will need: 

  • Bake Me Up Mud Cake (Allison uses our White-Choc 10" but you can use any size or flavour you'd like!)
  • Simple Syrup - 1 part sugar & 1 part water 
  • Chocolate Ganache (Allison uses White Chocolate but you can use any flavour you'd like)
  • Colour Mill Taupe - Oil Based Colouring 
  • Sprink'd Gold Leaf Flakes 
  • Caking It Up Stencil 
  • Fondant 
  • Tylose Powder (Allison uses Moreish Cakes Brand) 
  • Circle Cookie Cutter 
  • Colour Mill Black - Oil Based Colouring
  • Colour Mill Brown - Oil Based Colouring 
  • Skewer (cut) or Toothpick
  •  Reindeer Antlers 
  • Dried flowers and foliage 
  • Decorators Alcohol or Vodka 
  • Gold glitter (or any colour you would like)

If you would like to purchase any of these cake decorating supplies that Allison used in this tutorial you can purchase them from any of our stockists which can be found here: Bake Me Up stockists

 Tricks of the trade:

  • Brush your layers of cake with Simple Syrup to keep them moist (but not too much! Bake Me Up mud cakes are VERY moist already) 
  • Add Titanium Dioxide Powder in your ganache or buttercream to achieve a whiter colour
  • Apply a crumb coat to your cake, then apply your final layer
  • When cutting your cake use a hot, sharp knife (you'll get a cleaner cut)
  • Spread some ganache or buttercream to the bottom of your cake to secure it to the cake board
  • Use a pairing knife dipped in hot water to clean up all of your edges 
  • Use Tylose powder in your fondant it makes it harden and dry faster 
  •  To get the eyes to stick to the cake lightly brush with a paste made up of water and Tylose powder 
  • To get the nose to stick onto the skewer/toothpick dip the end into a paste made up of water and Tylose powder
  • Use the Bake Me Up foam insert to dry fondant items out 
  • To secure heavy items on a cake, make up a paste consisting of fondant, Tylose powder, and water (make sure it's tacky!) 


We can't wait to see your recreations of this Christmas Reindeer Cake! 

Make sure to tag us on our socials @bakemeupaus and if you're feeling fancy use the hashtag #BakeMeUpMagic 

Happy Decorating 💙